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ForKids, the largest service provider for homeless families in Virginia, wants to build an $11+ million facility on the former library property at 1100 Poindexter St. and adjacent land in South Norfolk.

If the plan is approved by the South Norfolk community, employees of “ForKids Center for Children and Families” will work at the organization’s regional headquarters and services hub, connecting thousands of families and children to ForKids‘ essential resources, which they hope will create “a foundation for our future and the future of our community.”

According to a paper published by ForKids, “In a modern mixed-use development, ForKids will consolidate its corporate headquarters, education center, regional services, Good Mojo retail and distribution operations, and family shelter in a 60,000+ s.f. facility accommodating a workforce of over 100 full- ­and part-time employees with an annual average salary of more than $46,000 when it opens in 2019. ForKids will build an inviting, professional regional headquarters that will be an asset to its neighboring community, uplift the families it serves, educate our region’s most at-risk children and attract a skilled workforce to ameliorate and end family homelessness.”

The ForKids’ Regional Center hopes to be the nexus of solutions to poverty and homelessness in Virginia and beyond, and they have chosen to invest in South Norfolk.

We invite you to read ForKids’ proposal in its entirety and comment either on this page or on Facebook if you have questions, concerns or kudos.

Please join us for our monthly meeting, Monday, Sept. 11 at 7 p.m., at the South Norfolk Community Center, 1217 Godwin Ave., in Portlock. We will have two speakers this month, Mr James Baker, City Manager and Ms. Thaler McCormick, CEO from ForKids.

ForKids is a non profit organization who is interested in moving their Administrative Building to the old library site which will house 100 administrative positions.



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