Things to do in South Norfolk:

  1. Visit with neighbors.
  2. Go to Lakeside Park.
  3. Go to Elizabeth River Park.
  4. Go to Johnson Park.
  5. Go to the Library.
  6. Go to Southside Florist!
  7. Check out the old cemetery behind Oscar Smith Middle.
  8. Eat out! (Frank’s Pizza, Dekalb’s Diner, Martin’s Soul Food, Some ‘da Eat, Poppy’s Hot dogs, McDonald’s, Hardees, Jamaican Jerk Hut, Dunkin’ Donuts, and several Asian food places).
  9. Work in the Community Garden. $10/year for your own plot. A project of the South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch. CLICK HERE for more info on the Historic South Norfolk Community Garden.
  10. Walk the Jordan Bridge (daylight hours only).