Ask any passerby what s/he thinks South Norfolk needs, and you are sure to get a variety of opinions.

Economically speaking, South Norfolk needs more businesses, though most will agree we don’t need another barbershop anywhere.

South Norfolk also needs upwardly mobile middle-class property owners who will contribute to the community, care for their properties, and patronize the businesses we have here.

In short, South Norfolk needs residents who care about our community, our quality of life, and the preservation of our history.

If you are someone who lives here and cares, we need you! We need you to attend local meetings of the civic league, the neighborhood watch, the woman’s club and the PTA. We need you to get involved, get informed and get moving to help make South Norfolk the antique jewel in Chesapeake’s crown.

We urge you to review our “Meetings” category and find something that interests you. South Norfolk needs you now!

For more information, contact using the contact form on this site or email (replace “-at-” with @).